Are you ready for a tarot session?

Why Tarot?

The tarot offers us an opportunity to look at life and the situations we find ourselves in with a bit of distance. Allowing us to see it in a different way, taking a step back, so we can discuss it outside ourselves. Sometimes this simple step back opens up the situation and therefore our lives in ways we couldn’t have seen otherwise. Tarot of course is not the only way to do this, it’s just the way I’ve chosen to do it, and to offer to others. Choice is never removed from the individual or situation. For me tarot isn’t so much about getting an answer as it is about creating the best answer for you.

Why Me?

I love to work with individuals who want to create their future, and take part in their own lives. I use the tarot to help others see the options that they do have, and to give them idea’s so they can change what they don’t like. However that change is ultimately the responsibility of the person. I don’t do percentages, I do feelings. I want anyone I read for to feel at the end of a session that they know more then they did, and that they have idea’s to take out in the world. They have to make those choices whether it’s the tarot or a friend, it’s about having the knowledge and seeing the options.

Why You?

You know that there is something more you want to do, and you know it’s time to make some changes in your life. You are just not sure how to make that happen. You want to create something in your life that is currently missing., and are unsure what direction to take or how to get started. You’re ready to begin the work and to make the choices.

Initial Tarot Session
Initial Tarot Session
45 - 60 minute session with Shari to explore your life, and begin creating the direction you want to go.
Price: $75.00